Who We Are

Medungi is a community based organization established in 2011 for environment and development.

Areas of Action

Establishment and management of medungi botanical conservancy.
Masai Culture Preservation.
Environment and wildlife conservation.
Local communities' livelihoods and sustainable development.
Volunteerism and joint global actions.
The organization plays a leading role in rallying and supporting local people to adopt lifestyles that are friendly to the environment and engage in development and economic activities that secure their livelihoods while minimizing impacts to the environment.
Our Vision
A region where local livelihoods are secured and a sustainable future is achieved.
Goals and Objectives
  • To develop and manage Medungi botanical conservancy for preservation of plants of cultural, medicinal and spiritual value to the well being of local Masai community.
  • To undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility among local communities.
  • To create awareness on impacts of climate change through working models of individuals and households participating in monitoring its impacts, adopting lifestyles that are friendly to the environment and engage in development and economic activities that minimize impacts to the environment.
  • To develop and manage a volunteering programme that is an exciting combination of tourism, conservation, environmental education, Health and Nutrition education, community owned micro-enterprises and cultural experiences.
Our Mission
To systematically plan and support development options that secures sustainable management of natural resources and improves the security of local people livelihoods in the Greater Masai Mara region and other parts of Kenya.

What Do We Do

  • Medungi Botanical Conservancy
    Wildlife migratory corridors and environmental resources within communal areas are facing increasing pressure from human activities. At Olkinyei group ranch in Masai Mara this pressure has been borne by plants of significance cultural, spiritual and medicinal value to local Masai households. The Elephants and other wildlife populations’ movements have also been hugely affected. To address these crucial threats to both people and wildlife Medungi Community based organization have developed a botanical conservancy model designed to stop further loss of important botanical plants, secure corridors for Elephants and other wildlife, promote international scientific research on botanical plants preservation and stop land selling among Masai families.
  • Masai cultural Preservation and Volunteerism
    Masai culture like all other cultures the world over have been greatly influenced and eroded by modern development and ongoing technological advances. And while the positive effects of development and technology must be supported and embraced, the century’s old positive values of Masai culture that have directly contributed to the currently striving wildlife populations and botanical resources within communal areas must be vigorously supported to ensure sustainable utilization of natural resources for present and future generations. Medungi will promote positive cross-cultural exchanges between local groups and international visitors in a way blended to allow genuine interactions and development of mutual partnerships. Key to this strategy is promote international expertise and power of technology to help local Masai people in Medungi Botanical conservancy to document and preserve all positive attributes of Masai Culture not only for their immediate benefit, but also to enable current and coming generations to benefit from these attributes the way past generations have done for hundreds of years ago. Through setting up of a Cultural Museum and Botanical Field & Research Centre, Medungi CBO will effectively bring together Local Masai youth and women groups, opinion persons with deep knowledge of botanical history and International Researchers, Students and Volunteers in an exciting programme combining botanical research, cultural exchange, conservation development and community social enterprises promotion.
  • Land Security
    Masai culture is closely entwined with traditional land tenure system which allow for communal ownership and equal access to the resources therein. This system have allowed hundreds of Masai past generations to use land as a borrowed resource to be used, cared and handed to the next generation as pristine as possible to guarantee their needs and those after them. It has ensured the current striving wildlife populations and botanical resources that we currently enjoy at Medungi and other communal areas. Land at Olkinyei where Medungi Botanical Conservancy is based is currently at GREAT risk from land grabbing, agriculture and land selling driven by widespread and increasing poverty. Agricultural development advancing from the north of the group ranch have had huge noticeable impacts to the environment already, with the immediate being decimation of honey bees populations through use of chemicals. The honey bees are the natural pollinators and directly contribute to the striving woodlands and botanical resources they support. To address these challenges Medungi CBO has put in place a sustainable strategy involving securing land through land purchase for communal use, Capacity building through education and training and Community enterprise building.

How We Do It

Community Presence
Medungi CBO grew from the vision of Salaton Ole Ntutu, a Masai Cultural Ambassador and spiritual Leader who has dedicated his life to empowering his local Masai Community to understand the intricate balance between their spiritual and socio wellbeing and that of the environment on which their livelihoods depends.
Networks and Partners
Besides the strong community presence the organization equally has cordial relationships and collaborations with all relevant government agencies, private sector institutions in the Greater Mara Region and Narok County at large.
Human Resource & Managerial Capacity
Salaton Ole Ntutu deep knowledge and commitment to his local community have undoubtedly ensured Medungi main goal of empowering local Masai community to use their rich cultural and botanical knowledge as a plat form for securing a sustainable future for both people and natural assets. Ntutu’s able leadership is backed by a managerial and technical support of Susan Olofson (International Community travel expert) and Stephen Ole Kisotu (A Conservation Biologist with wide experience in designing community based conservation and development programmes).

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